"We hope that libraries will always exist as places for learners to find information, resources, services, and instruction. But formats, technologies, learning needs, and our schools are evolving. And so are students themselves. Our entire information and communication landscapes have shifted—and this shift will only continue." - Valenza & Johnston (October 2009)

The school library plays a key role for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. it is a a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. The library makes a difference to students’ understanding and achievement and provide support for teaching and learning throughout the school. The school library is an important part of the school community and reflects and welcomes this community.
It acts as a central point for engagement with all kinds of reading, cultural activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussion.

KV1 Ishapore has a very big & rich library of a collection of 10,000 Books, 25 periodicals.

Friday, May 20, 2011

librarykv1ishapore: library bulletin

librarykv1ishapore: library bulletin: "kv1ishapore library publishes a quarterly library bulletin 'libulletin' since april-june,2011."

'libulletin'-  1. april-june, 2011:  http://issuu.com/librarykvno1ichapore/docs/libbulletin-apr
'libulletin'-  2. july-sept,  2011:  http://issuu.com/librarykvno1ichapore/docs/libbulletin-_july
'libulletin'-  3. oct-dec,2011:      http://issuu.com/librarykvno1ichapore/docs/libbulletin-oct
'libulletin'-  4. jan-mar,2012:     http://issuu.com/librarykvno1ichapore/docs/libulletin_jan

'libulletin'- 23 oct-dec,2016: /'libulletin' 23 october- december 2016
'libulletin'- 22 july-sept, 2016  :'libulletin'- 21 july - september,2016
'libulletin'- 21april-june,2016: 'libulletin'- 21april-june,2016
'libulletin'- 20 jan-mar, 2016:
'libulletin'- 19 oct-dec,2015
'libulletin'- 18. july-sept,2015:

'libulletin'-  17. april-june,2015:
'libulletin'-  16. jan-mar,2015:
'libulletin'-  15. oct-dec,2014:
libulletin'- 14 july-sept, 2014:
'libulletin'- 13april-june,2014:
'libulletin'- 12 jan-mar, 2014:
libulletin'- 11oct-dec,2013:
'libulletin'- 10. july-sept,2013:
'libulletin'-  9. april-june,2013:
'libulletin'-  8. jan-mar,2013:
'libulletin'-  7. oct-dec,2012:
'libulletin'-  6. july-sept, 2012
'libulletin'-  5.april-june,2012: